SHL -- Thursday


AM -- woke a little before 7 AM // total of about 8 hours -- feel MUCH better

PM -- glasses on by 8 // in bed by 11 PM


8:30 AM -- decaf with butter, cinnamon and MCT

pre and post workout -- BCAs and creatine

post workout -- bone broth with coconut oil and sea salt

dinner -- beef heart stew (heart, bell pepper, tomatoes, water, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, paprika, sea salt, small sweet potato) // raw salad from Jason's

snack -- baking chocolate // carrots & almond butter


10' warm up

3x5 squats with 205# (skipping my 3x10 on squats, doing two 3x5s to try and increase my squat max)

3x max rep pulls (13, 9, 8)


5 DB alternating shoulder press (47#)

10 super mans

20 flutter kicks each leg




gymnastics again tonight -- love watching the girls do their thang

my folks drove in for the weekend

my old high school basketball coach facebook messaged me something really cool and is going to mail me something he found in some of his old stuff that is frame worthy

absolutely LOVED the beef heart stew -- I've always loved the crock pot but my love is reaching new heights. I'm planning on making another stew tomorrow with my primal ground meat