SHL -- Wednesday


AM -- woke a little before 7 AM, no alarm // total of more than 8 hours

PM -- glasses on by 8 PM // in bed before 11 PM


9 AM -- decaf with butter, cinnamon and MCT

pre and post workout -- BCAs and creatine

post workout -- bone broth with coconut oil and sea salt

dinner -- 5 eggs with can of kippered herring and 2 packets of tuna in water // raw salad (spinach, tomatoes, carrots, avocado, walnuts, olive oil, bell pepper) // 1 cup of white rice

snack -- bowl of frozen berries // almonds // carrots with almond butter


10' warmup

max lift dead lift -- 350#

3x10 high pull with 95#

3x10 shoulder press with 80#

3x12 barbell bent row with 95#


Feel good. Not 100% so I didn't do any huffing and puffing today. My plan is to get three of those types of workouts in the next three days.


Valentine's Day party at school for the girls. Have to get over the amount of CRAP on all the kids plates for a STUPID valentine's day party. I mean really? Does each kid really need a huge plate completely full of cupcakes and cookies?! Proportionally it would be like me eating an entire cake and some ice cream. OK, sorry. Venting. I enjoyed watching them have fun -- but my eye never stopped twitching.

Feel much better today. I feel like whatever I had would have been much worse had I not been in a pretty good state of health.

Supper Club tonight -- always good to see friends and watch the kids run around crazy.

Half enjoy/half not -- some friends had a medical issue so we got to have their boys over tonight and they spent the night. Not enjoy b/c of the medical issue -- but the good part was that the girls and I got to spend some time with a couple of well-behaved little rascals.