SHL -- Tuesday


AM -- awake at 6:45 (total of about 8 hours)

PM -- in bed around 10:30 PM


NUTREINCE first thing upon waking and PM dose at night (click on link and use $10simplyhuman to get $10 off)

coffee with cinnamon, butter and SkinnyFat ($5simplyhuman for $5 off)

really felt like I needed some food around noon -- the decaf cycle (which I started Monday) is making me more tired than usual

Noon -- carob cubes, Mt Evans trail mix, yogurt with protein and blueberries, raw cheese, sausage

dinner -- large salad, frozen mangos, dark chocolate, apple with almond butter


since I'm not training for the world championships, I think I'm going to just walk and do mobility this week and pick it back up on Monday


  • took the two girls to school this morning
  • got a quick nap in around lunch time
  • watched a couple of New Girl episodes with wifey -- those are really funny
  • saved some money on our R.O. water filters today! ahha (pirate laugh)