Simply Human Lifestyle -- Monday


AM -- woke around 6:45 AM (total of about 8 hours)

PM -- in bed around 9:30 PM


NUTREINCE first thing upon waking and PM dose at night (click on link and use $10simplyhuman to get $10 off)

coffee with cinnamon, butter and SkinnyFat ($5simplyhuman for $5 off)

post workout -- coconut milk, protein, bone broth, ice and water

dinner -- pound of boneless chicken thighs, apple + almond butter, trail mix (raisins, coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds, cashews)



5' pullups -- strict (50)

5' incline DB curls with 25#

5' pushups (100)

5' brain crushers with 45# (as many as possible)

5' shoulder press -- seated (25# DBs)

5' lateral and front raises with 5# plates

10' hip mobility

doing isolation stuff to rest my back. It feels absolutely perfect today, but not going to risk it. Probably going to do iso stuff all week and hit mobility and e-stim really hard.


  • took all three to school this morning
  • had fun making a video for the sport nutrition program
  • gymnastics tonight