SHL -- Thursday


AM -- woke at 5:30 AM (total of just more than 7 hours)

PM -- in bed before 10


NUTREINCE first thing upon waking and PM dose at night (click on link and use $10simplyhuman to get $10 off)

coffee with cinnamon, butter and SkinnyFat ($5simplyhuman for $5 off)

post workout -- coconut milk, bone broth, protein, ice, water

dinner -- leftover primal ground meat // spinach, tomato salad // canned herring

snack -- cottage cheese with protein

2,813 kcal // 208 fat (67%) // 50 carbs (7%) // 195 protein (26%)

took a blood ketone reading before my workout around lunch time -- it was 0.9 (higher than 0.5 is ketosis). So after not doing a "low carb" diet for quite a while (several months), it took about two days to cycle back in -- from what I understand, that is a sign of metabolic health and flexibility.


  • back squat 3 x 10 at 210 lbs
  • press from split position
  • power clean and jerk
  • clean and jerk
  • snatch pull from deficit
  • back/shoulders/abs/lowerback
  • 30' of mobility tonight -- full body


  • took all three kids to school this morning (jenn has had to take one child to school all week!)
  • coached football this morning
  • going on a field trip with my kindergartner this morning
  • cold front blew in this evening
  • good workout
  • in bed early