SHL -- Thursday


AM -- woke at 7 AM again -- so a total of around 9 hours of sleep (minus 20 minutes of waiting on dogs to poop at 2 AM)

PM -- watched a show with Jenn // in bed a little after 10 PM


glucose was 84 this morning (good)

morning -- coffee, MCT oil, butter and cinnamon

BCAs before and after workout

bone broth with coconut oil around 2 PM

Glucose was 71 and ketones were 1.4 right before dinner -- good numbers. 

dinner -- leftover primal ground meat & onions from last night with sour cream and salsa // 2 pieces of bacon // 4 oz raw jalapeno cheddar cheese // salad with romaine, carrots, tomatoes, avocado, jalapenos, Bragg's dressing // few spoonfuls of coconut butter


10' warmup

3x10 shoulder press with 80#

3x10 bentover back rows with 45#

6x5 strict overhead pullups

walked for 60'


Doctor check up this morning -- Haelyn and Hunter are doing great.

Got some raw cheese today at Cordell's -- can't wait to eat it tonight.

Barefoot walk tonight around the block with the girls. 

Watched some home movies from summer vacation of 2011 -- girls were so tiny.