SHL -- Sunday


AM -- set my alarm for 7 thinking I would sleep late due to late bedtime but woke up at 6 AM

PM -- was in bed before 9 PM


blood sugar was 86 in the morning -- good.

morning -- coffee with butter, MCT and cinnamon

late lunch -- pound of New York Strip cooked on the grill and eaten with sour cream // 2 large sweet potatoes boiled and mashed with butter, cinnamon and sea salt // macadamia nuts // raw cheese

dinner -- 8 oz sausage from Sharon Allen's dipped in homemade ketchup


walked 35' this morning

10' warm up

max bench -- 270#

4 x

8 single arm DB shoulder press each arm

15 body rows

total time was around 11 minutes -- rested about 2 minutes between rounds

did 37# on first two sets and 47# on the last two



Made it to church on time! That always makes me happy.

Saw lots of friends at lunch.

I love grocery shopping at Natural Grocers.

I love the big lunches I've been eating post-workout on Sundays.

Made a new friend tonight and scheduled a lunch with someone I haven't seen in a while.