Simply Human Lifestyle -- Monday


AM -- woke to no alarm at 6:15 AM // total of about 7 hours sleep

PM -- glasses on by 8 PM // in bed by 10 PM


black coffee this morning -- wasn't planning on doing a 24 hour fast, I just haven't been hungry today

pre workout -- BCAs

post workout -- BCAs and bone broth with MCT and sea salt

Dinner -- primal ground beef and large salad from Jason's Deli (greens, tomatoes, broccoli, olives, pickles, bell pepper, onion, salt, pepper, olive oil) // raw cheese

snack -- raw cacao nibs


walked 30' this morning -- barefoot

10' warmup

3x3 shoulder press with 135#

3x20 DB bent row with 28#

5 200m sprints

1 -- 34.86 with 2:28 rest

2 -- 34.07 with 2:25 rest

3 -- 32.56 with 2:37 rest

4 -- 30.87 with 2:54 rest

5 -- 29.02 then slowly jogged for 5 minutes

I ran with the wind at my back and walked back to starting line for my rest.



Sold something on eBay which made the end of the month budget a little less tight!

Snuggled with a 4 year old most of the night

Took girls to school this morning which is something I love doing.

I could watch them do gymnastics all day. It's so fun watching them follow instructions and be coachable!