SHL -- Sunday


AM -- woke around 7:15 AM // girls slept until 8:30 AM // Hunter slept for 10+ hours // I got a total of about 8 hours

PM -- glasses on before 8 PM // in bed by 11 PM


10:30 AM -- coffee with butter, MCT and cinnamon

post workout -- white rice and half a grass fed hamburger pattie from Friday night (BCAs before and after workout, too)

Dinner -- 20 ounces of New York strip steak // spaghetti squash // 6 oz raw Swiss cheese


35' walk (1.44 miles)

10' warmup

3x5 dead lift with 245#

3x10 high pull with 95#

3' of as many rounds as possible

6 pullups

6 pushups

rest 2' and repeat -- did first two sets unassisted, next two with smallest band, last set of first round with orange (intermediate) band) 5.5 rounds first set...

2nd set I used the orange band throughout and did 4 rounds -- arms are complete toast since I'm doing strict and not kipping pullups -- and overhand and not underhand. But definitely noticing a difference in my lats doing them this way for a while


walked 40' tonight holding a baby


The whole house got good sleep last night which is always good.

I started studying for my CSCS certification. I'm a learner so I enjoy that kind of thing.

Finished AntiFragile today -- a must read for anyone who enjoys to think.

Took girls to the park today -- such a beautiful day.

Got the kiddos to myself tonight while the wife went to dinner with a friend.