Episode 17: @VinnieTortorich, @AnnaVocino and a Thai Massage Disaster with @AlignedandWell

In today's episode Rick and I really focus on the "Enjoy Life" Pillar of the Simply Human Lifestyle with a four-way discussion with Vinnie Tortorich and Anna Vocino of the Angriest Trainer Podcast. It's a word association game where we talk about fitness confidential, college football, donaldsonville, bond girls, villa capelli, the biggest loser, breaking bad, toddlers and tiaras, how starbucks is like the mafia, what kind of animals are vinnie and anna, oprah and pink pants, and voice overs. It's wheels off with lots of bleeps so get ready for a good time.

Then it's another edition of the Humans Being Human segment where Katy Bowman tells about a time her husband got a Thai massage and it ended HORRIBLY. 

Our Simply Human Tip of the Week is try to strengthen your feet by going barefoot as much as possible. Thanks for listening! Please give us a review on iTunes or Stitcher! 

Stuff we talked about:

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