SHL -- Thursday


AM -- awakened by a little girl from 1:20-1:40, slept in bed with her until 3 AM // woke up at 5:30, then 6, then finally got up at 6:30 AM

PM -- glasses on at 8 PM // Hope kept coming out saying she was scared so I went in and slept in her bed from 10:10 to 11:40 PM then got in my bed


morning -- coffee with MCT, cinnamon and butter

post workout -- 1/3 cup coconut milk with BCAAs, water and MCT oil // tsp of glutamine in water

dinner -- leftover sirloin kabob / breast milk stew from Tuesday // spaghetti squash with tomato sauce // raw cheese

snack -- 2 oz baking chocolate // raw cheese // cashews // carrots with almond butter


walked 30' this morning while reading on treadmill

10' warmup

3x3 dead lift with 295#

8 x

4 bent over back row with 135# barbell

6 pullups (first 6 were unassisted, rounds 2-4 were assisted by smallest band, round 5 was chin up grip with smallest band assistance, rounds 6-8 were assisted with intermediate band)

9:37 - tons of pulling which is exactly what I need. Arms were toast

Stretch and mobility (hips and midback)


Today I'm grateful for my girls. When things are tough or you start to get bogged down on stuff -- looking at a sweet little baby girl that you made sure does help. My son is doing great, too. I'm also grateful how good dead lifts felt today after tweaking my back a little last week on the 3x5.