SHL -- Friday


AM -- little girls woke me up climbing into bed with us around 5:30 AM // I got out of bed around 6:15 AM -- feel like I'm caught back up after low sleep Monday night

PM -- glasses on a little after 8 // asleep by 11:30 PM


morning -- coffee with butter, mct and cinnamon

preworkout & post workout -- BCAs

Lunch -- bunless burger from AbiHAUS, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, homemade grainy mustard, bacon

dinner -- grass fed chuck steak // salad with tomatoes, BRAGG's dressing, avocado, salt and pepper // raw cheddar cheese // white rice cooked in butter // 2 pieces bacon


Took the dogs on a walk/jog this morning. I let them set the pace. We ran probably half the time. 30'

10' warm up

max dead lift - 350#

Going to stay at 350 until my form comes up a bit. I"m still slouching my shoulders just a hair when I get above 315#

3 x

7 DB squats with 60 DBs

10 burpees

200m run





Feel really good today. Three straight days of perfect nutrition, movement and sleep. HRV was really high and my HR was mid 50s touching in the mid 40s.

Watched some home movies with the girls this morning. They love watching themselves as little babies. ha.

Hunter smiled at me this morning.

Lunch with an old friend and a great post-lunch conversation with a doctor here in town.