SHL -- Wednesday


AM -- despite having gone to bed past midnight, I woke without an alarm at 6:20 AM

PM -- tired tonight // in bed a little after 9 PM


morning -- coffee with butter, mct and cinnamon

afternoon -- bone broth with coconut oil and sea sale // coconut butter

snack -- quite a lot of carob energy cubes // cashews and almonds // frozen berries // pickle

dinner -- sausage from Sharon's BBQ // sweet potato fries (see recipes tab) // black eye peas from a can (New Year's thing) // raw cheese

glucose was 98 before I ate dinner -- probably elevated due to the coconut butter and how tired I was from not getting enough sleep


really tired so I didn't walk this morning -- walked with baby in the afternoon for 35 minutes


Beautiful weather on New Year's. Watched parade with daughters. Played outside. Had a grocery store date with Haelyn. Nice day to relax and rest.