SHL -- Monday

Woke at 7 and had to hit the snooze twice so I woke at 7:18. I'm tired. Blood sugar was mid 80s. Ketones were 1.0 -- good.

Rode my bike to the park for my workout. Had water & apple cider vinegar before I left hospital. 


2 x

200m run (estimated a little longer than 200m) 

20 jumping pullups

20 pushups

20 squats  


Rode bike back to my folks house by 8:30 AM. 


8:30 AM -- coffee with 3 tbsp butter, cinnamon, MCT oil, coconut oil and 2 raw egg yolks -- also had some glutamine for a post-workout quick

Noon -- couple of bites of egg that I made for my girls this morning, coffee mug of bone broth

7:30 PM -- 1/2 pound of grilled chuck steak, steamed veggies (bell pepper, tomato, squash), 4 oz raw cheese, 2 oz baking chocolate, couple pickle spears, nori sheet, one raw avocado


Getting some work done and trying to get a Jimmy Moore Texas book tour setup. Working with -- a great organization. Supposed to be chatting with Jimmy later and hopefully have some news on this soon. 

Ordered my monthly allotment of meat from Slankers -- 18 pounds of meat (skirt and chuck steak, ground meat -- high fat and primal, beef franks, liver, lamb stew meat, salmon) and 20 pounds of soup bones (marrow knuckle, meaty neck, buffalo leg, lamb and chicken feet) 

Ate my meal a little later than I'd hoped -- sun was down -- because I was up at hospital still trying to figure out this podcast stuff!! Watched finale of Breaking Bad and was in bed by midnight.