SHL -- Friday

Went to the Rangers game last night -- Profar walkoff in bottom 9. Pretty sweet. Didn't make it to bed until midnight. Did a Brain Wave "deep sleep" and put on my mind-fold and was asleep quickly.  

Woke at 7:15 AM. Blood sugar was 98. Ketones were 0.6 mmol. Second straight day of high blood sugar -- think I figured out why: I have two little sores on the inside of my mouth from chewing my cheeks and I burned the heck out of my thumb and have a big blister. My theory is that my body is dealing with those issues and I'm a bit inflamed. We'll see... 

Did 10 minutes of the Calm Reflection track on the Brain Wave app. I just focus on internal silence and try to clear my mind.

No workout today other than riding my bike back up to the hospital at 9 PM tonight. 


8 AM -- apple cider vinegar (ACV) in about 8 oz water // coffee with 3 tbsp butter, 2 tbsp EV coconut oil, cinnamon

1:30 PM -- iced coffee with heavy cream

5:30 PM -- 12 oz chuck steak (grilled), fajita veggies sauteed on stove top, 5 oz raw Gruyere cheese, 2 oz baking chocolate, 1 pickle slice, 1 sheet sushi nori, swig of heavy cream