High Heels....seriously?

Women have been wearing high heels because of fashion trends on and off for about 60 years, and whenever they're in style, podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons oddly start going on more and longer luxurious vacations.

High heels are an indication of how messed up things are from a health and wellness perspective in our society. 

So where did high heels come from anyway? Who was the genius who came up with them?

Well, it actually was an innovative person solving a problem: feet slipping out of stirrups while horse back riding. Back in Medieval times, horses were a main source of transportation. Stirrups were a main component. Feet slipping out of stirrups was a problem.

Enter? Heels on shoes that kept the foot from slipping out. Works great for the problem they were designed to solve.  Cowboy boots have the same design for the same reason.

But that's for HORSE BACK RIDING -- not WALKING! 

Then along with advances in technology and fashion came the thought that certain parts of human bodies could be compromised in order to look better. 

High heels make legs look longer. It also puts the leg in a position that mimics how a leg looks when putting on lingerie, which is seen as a "sexy" thing. You know, like when razor commercials have video of a leg with pointed-toe and, other than a few bubbles, is completely naked. It sells. 

But what do heels do to women's (and some men's I guess) foot structure? Ask any woman who wears them and I will assure you they will say how uncomfortable they are. 

Bunions. Blisters. Hammer toes. Plantar fasciitis. And that's just on the foot itself.

Wear them long enough and get used to ankle, knee, hip, and lower back pain.  

But, boy, you sure do LOOK great! (insert violent eyeroll here).  

How impractical is something like a high heel? Think about a human female ancestor living in a forest, picking berries with her youngens, enjoying the day. Then a bear surprises the small contingent from around a bush. Now imagine the human female ancestor trying to get away.  

It's pretty humorous to think about, until you get to the part where the human female ancestor is eaten alive.  

But, Mark, that doesn't make sense because women today don't ever have to run from a bear while holding a large leaf full of berries.  

Right -- beside the point. The point is it's not what a human was designed to do, therefore, it leads to inefficiency, pain, discomfort, and a lessening of overall health. 

So no practical purpose, just an aesthetic and fashion statement. It's a small example of how humans today have kept everything BUT health and wellness from being their #1 goal...for the most part.

It seems like a pretty silly thing when compared with feeling good and being able to walk around without pain. But so does being able to say "man, that sure tasted good" when compared with battling obesity, heart disease, and a host of other chronic diseases so prevalent in today's culture. 

Here's an interesting article from ABC news on this issue. 

With corresponding video --

Specialists at England's Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital use new scanner to view the foot and ankle.