Week off -- and SFM Day 1

Ketones -- 0.1 mmol/L

Glucose -- 98 ml/dL

A note of apology to the 1 person who even looks at this blog -- mom: had a great time this weekend.

Woke up Sunday, May 27 with a stomach thing. Missed the CapTexTri. Didn't check any blood readings for the whole week. I'm totally off my routines and schedules. Not sure if I was sick because of ketosis or if I wasn't AS sick because of ketosis. Had some irregular readings the week leading up to the sickness and 2 horrible interval runs so maybe that was an indication that I had what my daughter had the week before. Anyway -- I'm starting over a new phase. Life is all about cycles and new beginnings.

As you can see, (and by 'you' I mean my future self when I look back on this at some point in the future since no one else is looking at this blog), ketones are way down. Yesterday was my first day back on track with food -- breakdown was 2,072 calories (152g fat // 8g carbs // 156g protein). 14 total eggs -- trying to get rid of an excess.

My goal is to get back into nutritional ketosis by keeping carbs less than 20g per day, then start working out again. Planning on mobility stuff (doing 20 minutes of Becoming a Supple Leopard every morning) and yoga this week -- and getting my sleep back on track: going to bed no later than 10:30 -- up at 4:50 AM. Shoulder and knee still bothering me just a bit -- think they just need some more rest and massage and ice. I just need a couple of weeks off.

Once I get back into ketosis -- I may try to up carbs on days that I work out to around 40-50g and 20ish on rest days. I've been in communication with the great Ben Greenfield who told me that you could stay in ketosis by eating up to 100g of carbs per day. We'll see what 50g/day over the course of about a week does to my numbers and go from there.

I'm also going to try something called X2 Performance before workouts (it has d-ribose in it -- an ATP creator that many low carb athletes have had success with).

And may experiment with yams and white rice, too. And timing carbs around high intense run workouts. I'm going to do a phase where I eat some during the day, too, and not do exclusively Warrior Diet all the time -- just to confuse my system a little and create some dynamics.


breakfast -- thunder coffee

lunch -- 4 eggs cooked overeasy with homemade salsa and 1 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp EVCO

dinner -- 1 c sauerkraut, 4 oz raw scallops (boiled), 1/4c sour cream on 6 oz buffalo heart (also boiled), bone broth + veg bouillon, 6 oz alta dena monterey jack style raw cheese

snack -- decaf with 2 tbsp MCT oil and 1 tbsp EVCO

2,218 calories -- 183g fat // 14g carbs // 132g protein

I looked back and the 5-6 days that I had my highest readings (the week before we went to Fredricksburg) I was doing around 2,000 calories a day, including offals (organ meats) just about every day, bone broth every day, and about 6 oz of raw cheese every day. The breakdown was around 180g fat, 100g protein and 20g carbs.