Wednesday June 26

I'm 32.
Ketones -- 0.4
Glucose -- 114
HRV -- 90 (good to train)
HR -- 58

Glucose and HR high.
Finished Good Calories Bad Calories last night.

One of many takeaways is that obese people are literally starving. Insulin is taking all they eat and storing as fat. So it's like a skinny starving person inside a huge bloated shell that makes everyone assume they're lazy and have no willpower. Kind of sad.

I also learned that when I'm hungry at night after a meal (like last night) it doesn't mean I need calories it probably means my blood sugar is high and my insulin levels are causing me to be hungry bc they literally make the nutrients in the blood stream disappear to surrounding tissues.

I don't have any cravings at night when my blood sugar is below 90. It was low 100s last night.

Priority 1: get fasting and post prandial blood sugar down.


heavy squat -- last set of 1 with 225. Focused on creating torque and keeping elbows down and knees out.

21 shoulder press with 95
400m run
21 push press
400m run
21 push jerk
400m run