Tuesday June 25

HRV 84 -- down 13 points. Recommended that I take it easy today.

HR 50 -- a little elevated for me

Blood sugar was 106 -- probably still elevated from a high carb (mainly fruits) day on Sunday


bfast - coffee with 2 tbsp each of EVCO and MCT oil

Lunch -- 25g coconut flakes. 1/4c heavy cream. 2.5 oz strawberries. 2 raw eggs. Water and ice. REALLY good and felt great after drinking it.

dinner -- 8 oz buffalo heart (grilled), bone broth + nori + bouillon, 5 oz sauerkraut, 4 eggs cooked in butter, 8 oz broccoli, 2 oz avocado + 1 tbsp EVOO

Snack -- decaf with evco and mct. 1 tbsp each).

2,321 cal. 197f. 35c. 114p.

Blood sugar was still 106 at 7:30 2 hours after I started eating. Tuesday night and I'm still feeling the effect of Sunday. And Sunday was a no sugars no grains day. Just a high calorie high carb day.

After I posted cals for the day I had some coconut butter and macadamia nuts and raw cheese...