Thursday June 20

Ketones. 0.3
Glucose. 87
HRV. 93 good to train (per the SweatBeat app)
HR. 47 bpm

Interval run

10' warmup

20' of running diagonal across football field -- rest to the minute. Each strider took about 27 seconds of work. HR way too high. Up near 180 towards end of the session. Other than that felt good.

I have a theory of my HR issue -- I am technically not in ketosis (according to my blood readings) and I'm only eating 200 cals of carbohydrate per day. That is just enough to fuel my brain and basal function. No ketosis and not enough dietary carbohydrate = not enough muscle glycogen to fuel a longer, intense bike or run workout (resistance training not affected negatively because it's shorter in duration).  

Once I get back in ketosis (0.5 and above ketone blood reading), then my theory is that even with around 200 calories of carbs, my muscles will then have enough energy in the form of ketones. Or my brain will use the ketones and leave the carbs for my muscles.  

If I get back in ketosis and still have HR issues -- I'll go see an MD. 

Tempo swim

1,200 in 22:03


Bfast -- mct (2T) and evco in coffee
Lunch -- decaf with cream
Dinner -- can of boiled clams, 2 cans herring, can crab meat, 3 eggs, butter and evco, 4 oz avocado, 10 oz raspberries, bouillon n bone broth
Snack -- 2 T cream
2,142 cal. 173f // 52c // 104p