SFM -- Day 11

Ketones -- 0.4

Glucose -- 86

Same ketones as yesterday -- glucose good. Glucose was mid 80s after dinner last night so that's a little better than it has been. 

Continue reading and you'll read about some weird HR stuff that I'm trying to figure out. Not sure if I'm going through the "keto flu" again since I came so far out of ketosis -- or if possibly I need more carbs since the days are longer? Or if I have adrenal fatigue (don't think so but who knows)? Or if I need a few more days off?  

My anaerobic stuff isn't affected at all. It's the interval bikes and runs that I'm having a weird, elevated HR. I should have my HR monitor to start measuring HR variability today -- and I ordered an encoder bracelet which may help. At this point -- I may or may not sign up for any more races after the one I already signed up for next month.  

I want to get whatever this is fixed before I really do some damage.  

Hopefully it's just the "keto flu" and I'll be back to normal in another few days. 

Long Run

1 hour at 150 bpm -- lots of walking to get HR back down. Same feeling I had the week before Memorial Day. I had EVCO and MCT oil in coffee this morning and didn't think if I stayed below 150-155 bpm that I would need anything else. Maybe because I'm not in ketosis and don't have enough ketones made?? It's a constant tweaking game... 

Interval Bike

10' warmup

3 x 7:3

Had gears on a lower setting than I did week before Memorial day when I did 3x 7:7 on the bike and HR was elevated. Not normal. 

On the biggest chain up front and 3rd to lowest on back -- my HR averaged 149, 152, and 154 on 7:7. Today I put the gears at that level (holding a 60 RPM pace) and my HR was in the high 160s by the 3rd minute -- so I brought the gears down to keep HR in the 150s.  

HR averaged 159, 158, and 158. Way too high for the work I was putting out. Don't know what the deal is. Even had 3 tbsp of coconut butter before ride -- and an iced coffee with 2 tbsp heavy cream (coconut butter is incredible by the way). 


breakfast -- coffee with 1 tbsp each of EVCO and MCT oil (found that if I blend the oils and coffee in a blender or with a hand mixer that it doesn't separate at all -- much better) 

lunch -- 3 tbsp raw coconut butter, 2 tbsp heavy cream in iced coffee

dinner -- 3/4 cup saffron rice, 4 oz beef/lamb gyro plate, 8 oz raw cheddar (ate at Marana's Cafe in Lubbock -- Lebanese food, good)

snack --  quart of water with bouillon and nori sheet, 1/4c heavy cream

little less than 2,000 calories -- 160g fat // 55g carbs // 112g protein

Be interested to see what the high carb intake does to ketones tomorrow.