SFM -- Day 9

Ketones -- 0.2 mmol/L

Glucose -- 80 ml/dL

happy with glucose number...such a battle getting that ketone number back over 1.0 mmol. 

Sat in cold tub again today -- 50 degrees up to my neck for 20 minutes. I mowed two yards tonight and didn't start sweating until I was almost done with the second one...ha. Did this yesterday, too and probably 5 times in the last 10 days. Feel great afterwards.

Shoulder feeling better than it's felt in a while. 


power cleans 5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1

155# on the 5s and 3s -- 165 on the 1s. Really focusing on form and creating torque on the catch. 

Tempo Swim

10' warmup (400 yds) 

1,000 time trial in 18:30

total 30 minutes -- 1,400 yards


breakfast -- coffee with MCT and EVCO

lunch -- espresso with MCT and EVCO

dinner -- 6.2 oz beef kidney (grilled over charcoal -- REALLY good, much better than boiling), bouillon + 9.5 oz broccoli + 4 oz peeled sweet potato, 4 eggs cooked in butter, 2 oz avocado + 1 tbsp EVOO + 4 oz can of white-lump crab meat (awesome bowl of  yumminess), 1 tbsp EVOO on veggies, 2 tbsp sour cream

1,789 calories -- 139g fat // 40g carbs // 102g protein

Going to start eating a few more carbs on days I workout once or twice. Everything I'm reading and all advice I'm getting says that I can get into ketosis as long as I'm under 50g. So we'll see...