Sustained Fat Mobilization -- Day 17

Wow. Ketones 0.3 mmol/L -- lowest they've ever been. Glucose was 111 ml/dL -- highest morning reading I've ever had. I had a 0.6 reading the day I started testing and I had a dark chocolate bar, a TON of cream cheese filled - bacon wrapped jalapenos for dinner, and a TON of trail mix with chocolate at like midnight the day before I tested. Interesting.

So GLUCONEOGENESIS is a real thing. That's when your liver synthesizes excess amino acids into sugar. This is good to know. Too much protein obviously has a huge effect on my ketones and glucose. At first I was a little frustrated but quickly realized that I have had an average morning ketone reading of nearly 2.2 mmol/L over the last 27 days so I'm fine getting "knocked out" of ketosis.

I know now how to stay in. Now it will be good to see what knocks me out or close to it. My plan is to dive right back in and stay in for the next 27-30 days then have another high protein or high carb day and see what happens.

What I'm most interested in is how fast I will get back above 0.5 and 1.0 mmol/L...will it be tomorrow? Thursday?

One other interesting note is that -- unlike the last couple of weeks -- I was unable to just snap awake at 5 AM. I got up and on my way to my weight room laid on the couch and slept until 7 AM. My thought is that elevated glucose all night effected my sleep in a negative way -- or made it more difficult to wake up.

Another factor for the low reading could have been the lack of exercise yesterday combined with the high protein.

So -- very very interesting to know that a high protein day by itself will effect me just like a high carb day. Proves that my liver converts excess amino acids into sugar. I mean, I had 18 oz of raw cheese yesterday and probably 12-16 oz of prime rib. No sugars. No grains. No other "treats". Stayed well below 50g carbs. But to me -- eating that much cheese is a huge treat. I don't even want bread or cookies or candy. It was around me all weekend and I never even had an urge.

My next question will be what a high protein + high carb day does to my system and how long it effects it. Like if I have a lot of meat and cheese and a dark chocolate candy bar or a lot of nuts. I won't test that though until I've been back in ketosis for at least a month. I'm thinking about just staying in until our NYC trip which is in about 6 weeks.

And it's not like it's hard to stay in. It was/is very easy. My biggest fear as I write this is that it will take 10 days or something crazy to get back in. I don't think that will be the case -- just a fear.

One cool thing is that I haven't had anything but the following foods for the last four weeks:

Meat, cream (butter/heavy whipping), oil, veggies, berries and nuts(and an extremely small amount at that), eggs, coffee. Ha! I'm a VEGOM (veggies eggs greens oils meats).

No sugar. No grains of any kind. No bread, candy, crackers, chips. Nothing processed. No Nikki's frozen yogurt. No Taco Casa bean burritos (a former downfall of mine). No pizza crust. No chocolate.

When I say a small amount of nuts and berries -- here's what I mean: I have probably had 7 strawberries in 4 weeks and 1 handful of filberts. I did have some ground almond on the chicken the other night, too, but that was just a sprinkling.

All that being said --

Glucose was 79 at 11:20 AM and 82 at 7:45 PM (two hours after I started eating my super high fat dinner).

Interval Swim

10' warmup

5 x 250m with 2' rest

(4:01, 4:04, 4:02, 4:09, 4:10) -- good swim. Got 10-12 strokes per length throughout.

1,500yards total


Max effort - front squat -- 215#



double unders and situps

6:38 -- 2nd fastest Annie time ever and fastest time without anchoring my feet. All sets unbroken.


breakfast -- acv in water // coffee with 1 tbsp each of MCT and coconut oil and cinnamon

lunch -- 1 tbsp coconut oil

dinner -- 8 oz raw beef liver cooked in 1 quart of water with bouillon and 30g kale, 2 tbsp sour cream, 4 eggs cooked in 1 tbsp butter, 2 oz raw Swiss cheese (in eggs), 1 tbsp coconut oil (eaten raw while cooking)

snack -- decaf with 6 tbsp HWC

1,806 calories -- 151g fat // 16g carbs // 92g protein