SFM -- Day 16

rest day. Ketones were 1.3 mmol/L which may be b/c of the higher calories yesterday and the fact that I've been testing pretty consistently at 6 AM and this morning I checked at 7:30 AM. Glucose was 93 which is high -- also could be b/c of later morning test.

I had thunder coffee for breakfast then we took girls out to the lake and set up a tent and played and ate lunch out there. I had 2 tbsp of coconut oil while we were out there -- energy level was low for some reason. Maybe b/c I didn't work out in the morning?

Made girls pancakes and bacon for breakfast.


breakfast -- thunder coffee

lunch -- raw Swiss cheese, 4 slices of ham with mustard, HWC

dinner -- 12 oz raw cheese, an unmeasured amount of prime rib (it was a lot), 1 cup of steamed broccoli, 5 strawberries

snack -- decaf with HWC

blood sugar was 81 before I started eating dinner -- a little higher than normal before dinner but I had eaten quite a few calories for lunch so that was pretty normal.

Blood sugar at 9 PM was 109.

One word -- gluconeogenesis. I probably had close to 15g of carbs today -- didn't track but it was just the strawberries and broccoli and the trace amounts in prime rib and the raw cheese.

Will be interesting to see what that does to me overnight and in the morning.