SFM -- Day 15

Ketones 2.4 mmol/L this morning. Down 0.3 but I don't really think that's because of anything in particular. Glucose was 88 which is a tad high but it was 90 the morning I had a 4.1 ketone reading.

Hammer Down Du this morning -- 1.8 mile run, 10 mile bike, 1.8 mile run. Finished in 55:56 -- 4th place overall. Nearly the same time I did last year so at least I'm consistent. I was most happy about the fact that only one person was faster than me on the 2nd run (by 1 second).

Had coffee with MCT oil and coconut oil about 6 AM. Also had 100g of raw avocado mixed with 1 tbsp Villa Capelli EVOO and some sea salt around 7 AM. I put a jolly rancher in my mouth at the start of the second run and spit it out right before I finished -- it was about halfway gone.

Red lined it pretty much from the beginning. Don't know if I could have gone any faster -- I'm sure I could have but would have hurt a lot more. Still a smile on my face when I finished today.

Glucose was 56 ml/dL at 4 PM. Tried to lay down and take a nap while the girls slept but I kept hearing little footsteps and the rustling of diaper on leg while I lay on the floor with the dogs.

Glucose was 84 two hours after dinner.


55:56 = 13.6 mile event


breakfast -- 100g avocado, 1 tbsp EVOO, sea salt // coffee & MCT & coconut oil

post race -- 2 tbsp coconut oil (one raw one in decaf)

dinner -- chicken parts (wing, drumstick, other edible non-meat parts), 4 oz Swiss cheese, veggie broth + 1 quart water + 108g Portabello mushroom + 50g broccoli cuts, 2 tbsp sour cream

snack -- decaf with 3 oz HWC (6 tbsp)

2,166 calories -- 189g fat // 16g carbs // 102g protein