SFM -- Day 34

Ketones -- 0.8 mmol/L

Glucose -- 91 ml/dL

Hmmmm...same numbers as yesterday. Not terrible, but ketones a little low for what my glucose was after dinner last night. AND I got lots of sleep -- bed by 9:30, up at 5 -- actually woke up before my alarm went off about 4:55 AM. Not worried too much about it since I feel great and have had a crazy week.


ME: front squat (215#) really focusing on form and creating torque...form was iffy on 215 but I got it.

4x 1' max rep front squat with 75% 1RM (160)

     1' max rep ring rows

did 20 total squats and 64 total ring rows -- arms were toast.

Interval Run

10' warmup

3 x 7:7

Did this run on the Georgetown HS track. It was pretty hot and humid. Hadn't had anything all day other than MCT and EVCO in my coffee, and about 1/2 tbsp 30 minutes before run.

I did the first 7' interval and ran a little more than a mile while watching my HR spike into the 180s. At first I thought it was a HR monitor mistake -- until I checked my pulse. It really was that high. Legs felt like they had nothing in them. Rested 7...felt horrible. Ran about 1500m in the next 7 minutes -- HR in 180s by the end. Rested 7...wasn't going to run last interval unless HR got into the 110s which it did. I jogged the last 7' and got about 1300m.

OK-- what does this mean?

I know exactly what it means. This is the same feeling I had during my tabata treadmill run earlier this week. My brain is taking what little carbohydrate I'm eating for its own use and leaving none for my muscles. I don't think this affects me in the morning because I'm still running on what little carbs I ate the night before.

But by mid-morning and anytime thereafter, my muscles (when pushed to intense exercise) need some carbs. I'm not worried about the race Monday because I will have eaten a big meal Sunday night, and some carb in the form of avocado pre-race. Then I will use UCAN, cashews and jolly ranchers as a carb source during the intense exercise.

I don't think my interval bike was affected because I kept my HR in the 150s for the most part. Running (especially in the heat) took me out of that fat burning mode where the body needs some fast burning carbs. Both runs this week, I felt fine during the warmup and didn't start feeling crummy until I picked up the pace to an intense level.

Very interesting. So what I'll do from now on if I'm doing intense runs after noon is eat a strawberry or avocado before hand, or take a jolly rancher with me. We'll see if that alleviates the problem. Felt terrible after this run. Jaw muscles felt like they were going to pull...weird.


breakfast -- acv in water // coffee with MCT and EVCO

dinner -- Jasper's in Austin (my cousin is the GM), 10 oz prime rib, grilled broccollini , 13.7 oz raw cheese, 8 oz sausage with sour cream and mustard

snack -- EVCO

less than 20g carbs, 32 protein blocks, lots of fat

Little worried about the amount of protein today...we'll see. Was pretty famished after the running experience.