SFM -- Day 33

Ketones -- 0.8 mmol/L

Glucose -- 90 ml/dL

So here's my theory: the morning after my first big "cheat" in 40 days my ketones were in the mid-2s...then they were 1.5 the morning after a night of no sleep...then 0.6 yesterday...then 0.8 today. I think that my "cheat" is having a long-term, slow effect on my system. There's just no way I could have trail mix and a 1/2 a banana and late-night pork rinds and it not affect me at all. So no biggie -- I get back into the 2+ range before the weekend and race on Monday in that state.

And just to be sure I'm clear -- I have gotten away from the "cheat" day because I feel like if I have to have a "cheat" day then what I'm doing the other 6 days isn't really sustainable, just a temporary means to an end.

That's not what I'm doing now. I eat so much delicious, filling, incredible food that I am (by most people's standards) "cheating" every day. So when I say I "cheated" I just mean that I ate something that I knew was going to cause an insulin spike and ketone drop. I wasn't craving anything special, we were on vacation and up late and everything was off routine so I took part in some indulgences I normally don't take part in...that's all. Not something I do every day or even every week..."every once in a while" only means anything if you actually do it 'EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE'. And 3-4 times a week is not every once in a while...I need to do a separate post on Moderation and how our society has totally mutilated that word's meaning.

6 PM: glucose was 64

8 PM: glucose was 68 (2 hours after starting dinner) -- lowest post-dinner I've ever had. Happy about that. We'll see if it translates to good morning numbers. I bet that it does.

Long Swim

10' warm up (200yards and 150 yards drills)

800 yard time trial (just under 15 minutes)

Hit 12 strokes per length on all 32 lengths. Feel great in the water.

Interval Bike

10' warm up (5' easy cadence and gear, 5' of single leg and fast spin drills)

3 x 7:7

put front chain in big gear, trainer on the hardest level, back chain in the 3rd from the smallest -- shot for 60 rpms per minute for each of the 21 minutes of work (and I never had a minute under 60 rpm)

HR averages for periods of work: 149 // 154 // 157

HR averaged for periods of rest: 115 // 115

45' total -- good ride. Did on back porch -- nice and sweaty.


breakfast -- acv in water // coffee with MCT and EVCO

lunch -- coffee with EVCO

dinner -- 9.5 oz chuck steak, 6 oz raw goat cheese, bouillon, sour cream + mustard (on steak), avocado + EVOO + sea salt, 3.2 oz raw tomato

snack -- decaf with EVCO

less than 10g carbs -- 15 blocks protein