SFM -- Day 32

Ketones -- 0.6

Glucose -- 94

Interesting to have such a low ketone number and elevated glucose. Done some reading about sleep lately and my theory is that with my completely jacked up sleep yesterday, I had cortisol pumping through my veins. Presence of cortisol = elevated glucose -- and elevated glucose typically means lower ketone number.

Went to bed last night when my sick daughter did (9:30 PM). I was up from 6-6:30 AM then went back in there with her and slept until 9 AM. So I basically got nearly 12 hours of sleep. That should surely right the sleep ship -- but I am physically exhausted. Was going to run this morning. I have an interval run, a CF WOD and need to mow. We'll see which of that list actually gets done today...

5:20 PM: immediately following a CF WOD my glucose was 92 which is way high. My thought is that I had glucose in my blood stream due to the intense exercise.

6:15 PM: checked again before I started eating -- still high (85). Don't know if that's still from the exercise or if something else is going in inside my body.

8:20 PM: checked 2 hours after started eating (see dinner below) ... 85. That's where I typically want it 2 hours after I start eating dinner -- so that's good.

Interval Run

tabata treadmill

10' warmup

8 x 20 seconds on -- 10 seconds off (3:50 total workout) at a 12.0 incline

You're supposed to do this at 0:30 slower than your 1 mile 5K pace. I've done this one enough to know that I set it on 9.3 mph. I would rather run 15 miles than do this workout at that intensity.

VERY DISAPPOINTED because I got 10 seconds into my 6th round and pulled the plug. That's only happened to me one other time and I was on vacation and went and tried to do this on a full, bloated stomach. It wasn't that I ran out of energy and it's not like, all of the sudden, I lost some mental toughness because I know what this session feels like at it's most horrible worst. My legs just wouldn't go (which also means that I gave up mentally). At the halfway point, I felt like I normally do at the halfway point...then during the last few seconds of the 5th round, my legs just started burning more than they usually do...it was over halfway through the 6th. If I'd a kept going, I would have fallen and skinned myself on my treadmill.

I completed this workout on January 30 of this year -- 5 months ago. The last time I did it before then was July 18 of 2011. So I've done it once in the last nearly 2 years -- but I did it at 9.3mph in January which makes it incredibly disappointing for me to not have completed it. I'm lighter and thought I was more powerful than I was in January...I haven't taken any time off and have been doing (what I thought were...) workouts that would make this session easier.

Maybe the last day and half of sickness and schedule out-of-whackness had something to do with it.

I am beside myself I am so disappointed about this. Complete and utter mental and physical failure -- I need something good to happen or I may spiral out of control mentally here (as far as training is concerned). Cannot believe it.

FAIL. I'm totally miserable about this (I know, I know -- get a life)

(note a few hours after this huge FAIL -- maybe try a jolly rancher right before the tabata intervals start or after the 1st or 2nd round -- just a thought -- never really done this workout in full ketosis on an empty stomach)


ME: shoulder press (125# -- 25 pounds less than my normal max but after reading Kelly Starrett's "Becoming a Supple Leopard" I did this max effort with a braced core (I had been doing shoulder press and a lot of other stuff with an overextended pelvis). Keeping things braced and locked in made me focus more on my shoulders and made it where I couldn't rely at all on any other muscle groups (which is what happens when you arch your back or bend your knees, etc...).

3 x 25 wall balls (25# ball)

     50 double unders

8:20 -- did in garage to a 9 foot height but I have a 24# ball. Rx'd is 10' height and 20# ball.


breakfast -- acv in water // coffee with 1 tbsp each of MCT and EVCO

lunch -- coffee with EVCO

dinner -- 6 eggs cooked in 2 tbsp butter, 6 oz raw Veldhuizen farm cheese, bouillon + bone broth + 1 qt water + 1.3 oz asparagus, 2 tbsp sour cream

snack -- EVCO right before bed

7g carbs -- 12 blocks of protein