SFM -- Day 30

Ketones -- 2.3

Glucose -- 95

I'm shocked by these numbers. Totally perplexed as to why ketones would be UP?! Glucose is a little high by normal standards but not for after eating what I ate last night...totally perplexed. Bed by 11:30 -- up at 6:15 AM.

Long Run

9 miles with JB -- kept about an 8.5 min/mile pace


breakfast -- acv in water // thunder coffee

lunch -- 1 tbsp EVCO

dinner -- bison steak, 10 oz raw cheese, avocado/sour cream/EVOO, mushrooms, bone broth, bouillon

snack -- decaf with 1 tbsp EVCO (trying EVCO at night instead of HWC to see if that's the reason my ketones have stayed relatively high)

Little did I know what the night would bring....