SFM -- Day 29

Ketones -- 1.8 mmol/L

Glucose -- 91 ml/dL

Bed by 11 AM, up at 6 AM. Happy about ketosis maintenance ... I had a thought about the 4+ and 5+ numbers I've had recently -- wondering if it has anything to do with taking coconut and/or MCT oil later at night which is something I've done a few times this week...???

Didn't take glucose the rest of today. Went a little more "off" my plan than I was planning -- anticipating low ketones in morning and high glucose.

Long Ride

20 miles in Fredricksburg

Lots of hills. Averaged around 18 mph. HR avg =


breakfast -- acv in water // coffee with 1 tbsp each of MCT and coconut oil

lunch -- ice coffee with HWC and 1 tbsp coconut oil

dinner -- 2 German sausage franks and 2 small sides of sauerkraut, 1/2 Jenn's hamburger patty with cheese, trail mix (peanuts, chocolate, craisins, raisins)

snack -- 3 oz whiskey on water, decaf with HWC and EVCO, 10 oz raw cheese, pork rinds, 1 bite banana foster cheesecake (cheesecake factory from Mamacitas), 1/2 banana with some almond butter

The chocolate from trail mix and sugar from cheesecake is first chocolate and sugar I've had since April 8 -- but I was putting some "life into living" which I felt like I deserved since 1) I was on vacation and 2) I haven't had any variance on my nutrition in any form for nearly 40 days.

Like I said -- anticipating some crummy morning numbers.