SFM -- Day 28

Ketones -- 5.6 mmol/L

Glucose -- 83 ml/dL

Weekly weight update -- 179 lbs -- down another pound bringing the total since April 9 to 18 pounds. I haven't been sub-180 at the end of a week (while NOT on a fast) since fall of 2011. Feels great.

Uhhh....wow. 5.6? Wondering if that has to be some sort of mistake? Average for the week (Saturday thru Friday) was 3.2 mmol/L which is the highest weekly average I've had.

Got great sleep last night. Didn't watch TV or do anything on computer after dark. Asleep by 10 PM...up at 5 AM for my swim.

8:30 PM: glucose -- 86 (2 hours after dinner which was at Mamacita's in Fredricksburg)

Interval Swim

10' warmup (200y then 150y of drills)

3x 500yards with 3' rest

9:21 -- 9:05 -- 8:58

Good swim. Only one in the pool.


breakfast -- acv in water // coffee with 1 tbsp each of MCT oil and EVCO

lunch -- 1 tbsp EVCO

dinner -- 12 oz steak, 6 oz raw cheese, grilled mushrooms, avocado/cilantro/sourcream sauce, bouillon and bone broth, raw salad (lettuce, tomatoes, olives)

snack -- coconut oil, 1 oz whiskey on ice