Plan for Travel

Going to be out of my normal routine for a couple of days this weekend. Not going to take my food scale or do anything TOO's my plan:

MCT and EVCO during the day -- that's easy. I'll take my coffee to make sure I have good coffee in the morning and not some trash. I'll take butter too to make some Thunder Coffee on Sunday.

Dinner - up to 15 blocks of protein -- so if I have an 8 oz steak, I can have 6-7 oz of raw cheese. And protein will be limited to meat or fish and raw cheese. Then I'll make sure to get some sort of green veggie -- steamed or raw but not a huge amount.  I'll also take bone broth and some bouillon cubes to make sure I'm getting my liquid. And I'll take magnesium for night time as well.

You can stay on track -- you just have to plan. Here's my list of things I'm taking with me:

coffee maker

coffee beans

coffee filters

coffee mug

MCT oil

EV coconut oil

bouillon cubes

2 tbsp butter

12 oz raw cheese

creole mustard

hand mixer (for thunder coffee)

cup for decaf

kettle (for boiling water & bouillon)


gymnema sylvestre

heavy whipping cream