SFM -- Day 27

Ketones -- 4.3 mmol/L

Glucose -- 71 ml/dL

Great numbers. I've had one ketone reading higher than that and one morning glucose lower than that since April 9. I predicted good numbers last night because of what my glucose was before and after dinner. I love having done this long enough to be able to tell stuff like that. Raw cheese suits me. I'm going to become a raw cheese aficionado -- starting now.

Porter - if you're reading this, text me to prove that you're reading it.

Crazy day -- since I don't have my car (in the shop) I rode my bike to my office then downtown for a lunch appointment. I left the lunch appointment before it began to ride my bike back up to the ER to sit with my daughter while she got a CT scan because she fell off the couch, bonked her head, and started puking. Wonderful. She's fine.

Got a ride home with my younger daughter -- got some work done -- then rode my bike to a doctor's appt at 4:30 PM (shoulder steroid injection) and then back downtown to get food and rode home. All in all, I rode about 20 miles today -- plus the morning run. Plus the CF WOD tonight. All on 2 tbsp MCT oil and 2 tbsp EV coconut oil. Never felt hungry. Never felt like I needed fuel. Love it...

5:30 PM: glucose 58 ml/dL -- right on target.

8 PM:

Interval Run

10' warmup (2 laps then 1 lap of drills)

15x 60 seconds on -- 60 seconds off

Got 300m on the first 10...sets 11-14 were a little slower (form and pace began deteriorating), probably did 270m in the 60 seconds on those...then I did the final set as a 300 in 60 seconds. Tough.

Calves are SUPER sore from 150 box jumps on Tuesday. I rolled them out last night and rubbed icy-hot into them this morning. When I got out of bed I wasn't sure I was even going to be able to jog the warm up -- but they loosened up.


7x3 push jerk (115#) felt good


tabata squats (8 sets of air squats -- 1 set = 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest

4' of max effort muscle up

12 was my score on tabata squat -- got 12 on each 20" interval -- full range of motion, opening up hips completely at the top -- then did 19 muscle ups. I was really trying for 20 but time just got away from me. Did 5 unbroken at first...then did 2 at a time from there. Still feel strong on body weight stuff. Knee feels fine.


breakfast -- acv in water (pre run) // coffee with 1 tbsp each of mct and EV coconut oil

lunch -- 1 tbsp EVCO and 1 tbsp MCT oil (had the EVCO raw and the MCT oil in a bottle of water while I was riding my bike around all afternoon)

dinner -- 8 oz raw bison round steak (boiled in water), 6 oz raw Swiss cheese, bouillon cube + 1 quart water + 50g mushrooms + 1/2 quart bone broth, 75g broccoli cuts, 75g avocado + 4 tbsp sour cream + 1 tbsp EVOO + sea salt, 1 ounce applegate farm uncured bacon (leftover from the weekend)

snack -- decaf with 1/4c heavy cream

2,130 calories -- 178g fat // 17g carbs // 123g protein

75% fat // 3% carb // 22% protein (I don't try to get nearly identical numbers every day percentage-wise, it just happens -- good sign)

After these meals, I am STUFFED. Just to give an idea -- I ate the avocado/sour cream/EVOO mixture first, then the steak with sour cream on top and some creole mustard, then the broccoli and bacon (which I warmed up in the same dish), then the cheese (which I let warm up to room temp -- I LOVE that Swiss cheese), then I ate the mushrooms out of the 1.5 quarts of bouillon and bone broth, then I drink the broth...my stomach is totally stuffed.

Totally pumped about the cheese I ordered today -- and I got some glasses that I'm going to start wearing at night to cut out the bad lights that keep you awake (from TV and computers). I watched TV last night and did some work on computer and couldn't go to sleep for an hour. I haven't been doing any media after dark for a while...until last night.