SFM -- Day 25

Ketones = 1.4 mmol/L

Glucose = 89 ml/dL

Ketones down 0.1 -- no big deal, still well within range. Glucose a little high for a morning reading. Can't pinpoint the cause. My soreness is pretty much gone. I didn't have cheese last night (I've figured out that raw cheese doesn't effect me and actually helps my blood sugar and ketone numbers). I didn't have nuts or almonds. The first morning after my first bone broth I had a 4+ ketone number so I don't think it could be the addition of bone broth. Carbs were less than 20 grams. I went to bed at 9:15 PM and was up at 5 AM with limited "kid interruptions". So I don't know... may also have something to do with sleep since I didn't get up at my normal time (5 AM) on Saturday, Sunday or Monday). I'm going to start tracking when I go to bed and when I wake up on here so I can look back to detect any signs or clues.

I bit my lip the other day and have an extremely small little sore on my lip but no swollen lymph nodes (which had a big effect the last time that happened).

Just a side note -- I started taking cold showers after reading the 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss and have made that a standard practice since then (April 2011). I had gotten away from it a little bit but have gotten on the kick again -- taken cold showers every day for about the last week.

Noon update -- coconut oil just what I needed. Great bike (details below). High energy. Really focusing on posture at my desk and in car, etc...

Good news today, too. My mom has been no sugars, no grains pretty much for about three weeks. Her blood sugar and weight are coming down (type II diabetic for many years) and she is going to start testing ketones!! I'll keep her progress updated!

5:30 PM: 63 ml/dL -- that's more like it.

8 PM: 87 ml/dL -- less than 90 is what I've figured out I like it to be after dinner. I feel different than the last two nights as well...really thinking that sleep is a major factor.



1.5 pood kettlebells wings

24" box jump

20:00 exactly -- tough WOD.

Box jump explanation

-- most people do a box jump by starting on the ground, loading up, jumping to the top of the box, jumping down, stopping, loading up, jumping again. There's a problem with that -- you have to load TWICE with each rep.

A better way to box jump (although it takes some practice and some getting used to), is to start at the top of the box, fall down to the ground, spend as little time in contact with the ground as possible, and get back to a standing position on top of the box. If you're going to stop and rest, do it at the top of the box. That way you only have to load one, quick time on the ground. It's a little more intense on your calves and ankles, but actually much more efficient. It's really easy for me to get into a solid rhythm this way...I get way tired way fast doing it the other way.

Interval Bike

10' warmup

15 x 60 seconds on -- 60 seconds off

HR averages for each interval:

133 -- 136 -- 142 -- 144 -- 145

148 -- 149 -- 148 -- 152 -- 149

Put the trainer on the toughest setting and kept it in the same, big gear throughout. I counted rotations per minute and tried to get somewhere in the 83-86 RPM range. HR touching in the high 160s on the last few sets. 40' session.


breakfast -- acv in water // coffee with 1 tbsp each of MCT and EV coconut oil

lunch -- 1 tbsp coconut oil

dinner -- 8 oz raw beef liver (boiled), 2 tbsp sour cream, 50g mushrooms + bouillon cube + 1 quart water, 50g steamed broccoli, 6 oz raw goat cheese, 1 tbsp EVCO, 1 tbsp Kerrygold butter (in soup), bone broth (in soup)

1,869 calories -- 155g fat // 20g carbs // 93g protein