Sustained Fat Mobilization -- Day 24

Ketones = 1.5 mmol/L

Glucose = 85 ml/dL

Took the reading at 6:45 AM. Good numbers but a 3.0 mmol drop from yesterday. My theory is that it was from the brownie smell...seriously. I'll bet that caused a small insulin spike which could have dropped my ketones.

Got to bed at 10 PM, but at 12:30 I went into h's room and slept in there the rest of the night. I changed her diaper at 4 AM then was in and out of sleep until not a great night of sleep. That could have effected my numbers, too. And I need to do some research about whether or not I'm using "effected" in the correct way...or is it "affected"? (I figured that out and will start using the terms correctly -- affect is a verb, effect is a noun)

6 PM: glucose 71 ml/dL

8:30 PM: glucose 96 ml/dL

After several days of having glucose go from 60ish to 80ish before and after dinner, I've had a few days of that range being up about 10-15 ml which is interesting and perplexing. Is it due to muscle soreness? Is it my body falling into a new "norm"? Not sure -- will just have to wait and see.


ME: dead lift (350#)


5L/5R -- dumbbell snatch 50#

20 doubleunders

did 10 sets plus 7 DB snatch -- all sets unbroken. Did on my driveway at lunch. Good WOD.


breakfast -- acv in water // decaf with 1 tbsp each of MCT and EVCO

lunch -- 1tbsp EVCO

dinner -- 8.5 oz raw beef liver (boiled in soup), 4.5 oz ribeye + 2 tbsp sour cream, 4 eggs cooked in 1 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp EVCO, 42g avocado + 1 tbsp EVOO, 70g frozen asparagus + 1 quart water + bouillon cube

1,944 calories -- 162g fat // 19g carb // 105g protein

75% fat --  4% carb -- 21% protein