SFM -- Day 23

Ketones -- 4.6 mmol/L!!! Wow. Biggest number yet after a huge dinner.

Glucose -- 76 ml/dL. Good, low number.

Checked at 6:30 AM. The last time I had a 4+ reading was on April 29 which was a Monday, following a Sunday in which I rode 20 miles with no HR monitor or power meter (low intense) and my nutrition was 2,500 calories with 218g fat, 21g carbs, and 128g protein.

Interesting...seems like when I go around 2,300 calories with 130-140g protein is when my ketones are highest -- unless my reading this morning has something to do with me being really sore?

But the 4.1 on 4/29 didn't have anything to do with soreness because I wasn't sore. I'm going to have another high protein day today so we'll see what that does to me. Maybe my protein wheel house is a little higher than I thought?

5 PM: glucose was 76...been a little higher at 5 PM the last few days. Interesting...

8:15 PM: 90 ml/dL 2 hours after starting to eat. That's exactly what it was yesterday. Feel great. Totally full...

Jenn made brownies and that sweet, brownie, decadent smell saturated the house. I tried to breathe through my mouth most of the night because I could tell it was effecting me. Ha...

Vitamin D Bike

rode about 10 miles with no power meter or computer. I was going to swim but the rec center was closed. Too nice a day to not do SOMETHING. Took about 30 minutes. Rode Tarmac.


breakfast -- acv in water // thunder coffee (2 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp MCT oil in coffee)

lunch -- coconut oil (1 tbsp)

dinner -- bone broth, 50g avocado + 1 tbsp EVOO, bouillon cube + 50g mushroom + 8 oz frozen asparagus, 1 tbsp EVCO, 10 oz prime rib + 2 tbsp sour cream, 8 oz raw cheddar

snack -- decaf with 4 tbsp heavy cream

2,525 calories -- 220g fat // 16g carbs // 124g protein