My Corner


I spend a lot of time in this corner. My Transition is on the trainer with my HED wheel and CycleOps Powermeter (that's the bike I was riding when I was runover -- I've got it rigged up to be a dedicated indoor bike). My Tarmac is upside down to the right of the Transition. That's my training bike. I took the aero bars off and do the majority of my rides on that. My Shiv is hanging on the wall. HED wheel on the front. I usually only ride that during races and maybe 1 or 2 times before a race to get it dialed in.

On the shelf is a collection of things I've discovered I need:

scissors, velcro, helmets, running shoes, bike shoes, bottles, visors, batteries, tubes, wheels, tires, glasses, HR monitor, watch, skewers, jolly ranchers (for "trickling sugar"), gel flasks, zip ties, batteries, pepper spray, LED light, rear lights, gloves, wrenches, and lots of other stuff.

I also have a speaker that I can plug my iPhone into and listen to podcasts while I'm riding.