First Bone Broth Attempt...

It's not that hard to find bone broth recipes on YouTube or online but there are so many variations. I don't want to go crazy -- just a standard bone broth that I'll drink either in place of my morning coffee (with coconut oil in it, of course) -- or just as a drink at night or some other time of day.

I put 2 lbs of marrow knuckle (grass fed) on a cookie sheet (how ironic) and cooked it for 25 minutes at 350 degrees. Apparently this makes it taste better?

I put the bones in my crock pot and put 4 quarts of water and 1/4c apple cider vinegar and let it soak in cool water for 30 minutes -- the ACV extracts some of the minerals into the liquid.

I turned my crock pot to the low setting at 9 PM and plan on cooking it for 21 hours and trying some with dinner.

My plan is to salvage some of the meat that was on the bones for dinner tomorrow. Supposedly the meat should come off the bone and float to the top in about 2 hours. We'll see..

I also have 4 one quart mason jars that I plan to store the stock in. I hope to get some into my wife and daughters somehow as well. Especially my two year old, who is battling a fever right now.

My plan is to take the bone out with tongs after 21 hours then pour the liquid through a colander into a large bowl then ladle the liquid into the mason jars -- I'm not going to worry about it being a super fine colander because I won't mind the chunks. I'll give my dogs what's left in the colander if I don't eat it myself.

I do have a question that I couldn't find online -- I'm wondering what the nutritional value will be. Basically, will there be any carbohydrate in it? I doubt it since I'm not putting in any veggies -- it'll just be the meat and ACV so I'm thinking it'll just be protein and fat.

I'll post about how it turns out tomorrow and what my experience is.

9 HOUR UPDATE: (6:30 AM)

took some tongs and pulled all the fat and meat that was floating in the broth and barely stuck to the bone. I would have no problem eating that but since it was very inexpensive I'll probably let my dogs eat it. My wife made me move it out to the garage last night. She's pregnant and the smell was bothering her. I couldn't even smell it. Then when I walked out to the garage this morning -- it hit me. Smells great, but, you know, pregnant women are all weird. It's simmering on low...looking good. I do think I'm going to get a finer strainer this afternoon to increase the chances of my girls consuming it.


added about a quart of water


Crock pot was on low setting the whole time. I got tongs, towels, 4 mason jars, ladle, colander and a large white bowl and took out to the garage. I put the colander in the bowl and poured the super hot crock pot content through it. The ceramic was very slippery because of all the fat and towards the end of the pour it slipped out of my hand, knocked the bowl sideways and sent a bunch of it all over the garage floor. Maybe 1/2 a quart? I don't know...

The colander didn't really do much. If you want it pure liquid you may need a cheese cloth. I should have poured the broth into the huge stock pot with a colander built in that I have...wouldn't have tipped over in that instance.

I ladled the stuff from the large bowl into the mason jars. They IMMEDIATELY got scolding hot. Maybe I should put it on "low" setting for the last couple of hours and let it cool off a little bit.

There was some refuse in the bottom of the bowl along with about 6 ounces of broth. I poured that directly into my soup in last night's dinner. I have 3 full quarts of broth plus one that's like 60% full in my refrigerator. My plan is to consume all of that within a week.

Here's what I learned:

I got the consistency I wanted so the amount of bone and water was OK. The time was OK. I will probably have it going on the back porch when I do it from now on and use that big stock pot so I don't spill any. I'll put it on low the last couple of hours. I'll buy a 1 gallon filtered water from the store and dump that in instead of having to fill up my quart jug 4 times from my RO system.

I'll use chicken bones next week....