SFM -- Day 12

Ketones were 3.6 mmol/L this morning. Glucose was 77. Great numbers. Feel amazing. High energy all day. 2 workouts during the day -- as I write this at 4:25 I'm not hungry at all. Looking forward to a big dinner though. Glucose was mid 60s at 4:30 PM...

2 hours after dinner, glucose was 101 which seemed a little high. I think I ate just a bit too many collard greens -- if that's possible. 16 oz of frozen collard greens is a lot of collard greens. I was absolutely stuffed. I took 2 gymnema sylvestre tabs and had some magnesium with cinnamon and at 9:30 (1.5 hours after the 101 reading) glucose was back down to 89 ml/dL.

Got to bed at 10 PM...



1 muscle up

5 power clean with 135#

10 burpees over barbells

7 complete rounds

Interval Swim

10' warmup

3 x 6' on 6' off -- did 350yards in 6:15 first set...325 in 6' the last two. Haven't swam since Lake Brownwood. Felt good.


breakfast -- acv in water // coffee with 1 tbsp MCT oil

lunch -- 1 tbsp of coconut oil (sat at Perry's Steakhouse in Dallas while my buddy at a 16 ounce pork chop...it looked incredible. Will have to try that sometime).

dinner -- 8 oz beef eye round from Whole Foods, 16 oz collard greens in water/bouillon, 5 oz raw Parmesan cheese, 1 tbsp coconut oil (while I was cooking)

snack -- decaf with 1/2c heavy whipping cream (yes...1/2c or 8 tbsp)

2,108 calories -- 168g fat // 16.4g carbs // 111g protein

Little too much protein and I think 16 oz of frozen collard greens may have more carbs than what the bag said...just a theory based on what my blood sugar did after dinner. But numbers are all still good so no huge disaster -- just some observations.