Race Week -- Day 3, Week 12

Traditional Bike

30' easy -- HR averaged 127. Estimated distance 7 miles.

Interval Swim

Tosh: 3 x (50 100 200) with a 1:1 work/rest ratio

Did the 50s in -- 44, 41, 42

Did the 100s in -- 1:31

Did the 200s in -- 3:16, 3:14, 3:11

Great swim. Feel fast in the water (relative term of course). Shoulder felt better this morning that it has since November. Virtually no pain.


coffee with butter and oil in morning

veggie broth

Dinner: 6 oz of primal ground meat, cooked kale, 2 boiled eggs, 6 oz Swiss cheese, avocado

Snack: decaf with heavy whipping cream

Have had a great week of eating this week.

Got my Precision blood glucose/ketone meter today. Tested before dinner and blood sugar was 79...45' after dinner it was 85. I will start ketone monitoring on Tuesday.