SFM -- Day 11

Ketones = 3.2 mmol/L. Blood glucose = 87 ml/dL. Feel great this morning. It's been easier getting up at 5 AM the last few days. Helps that I've been getting to bed before 10:30 PM. Watched the sun come up with my daughter who happened to walk out as I was racking my weight in the backyard.

Definitely in the ketosis "zone". I've had numbers greater than 1.9 mmol/L the last 6 days and feel amazing. Blood sugar was 74 at 9:15 PM.



400m run

15 dead lift with 180#


12:58 -- worked on my kipping HSPU. 1st set I did 11-1, then 9-2, third was 10-2...so much easier once you get the form down.

Interval Bike

10' warmup

20x 30":30"

HR ended first interval at 135 -- by the end of the 5th it was 150 -- then stayed in the 150s and touched 160 the last 10. Rode inside.


breakfast: acv in water // coffee with 2 tbsp MCT oil

dinner: Saltgrass steakhouse -- 8 oz prime rib, steamed broccoli and green beans, 6 oz raw Gouda cheese, bouillon cube with 4 oz mushrooms

snack: decaf with 1/4c HWC

1,881 calories -- 164g fat // 18g carbs // 90g protein