SFM -- Day 10

Ketones were 4.1 mmol/L this morning. Blood glucose was 90. That seems high but, man, what a huge ketone number. I did test about an hour earlier than I normally do -- don't know what effect that would have though?

My thought is that my canker sore really played a huge role in my ketones dropping at the beginning of last week. I ate about the same number of calories on Sunday (2,500) and ketones were 0.8 last Monday. Encouraging to see such a big number -- now I know I can have some fruit and not effect ketosis. This is my 21st consecutive day to be in ketosis -- probably longer than that but that's how long I've been testing ketones.

Made dinner and took girls to lake tonight to try out our new tent. Fun stuff.


10x2 back squat with 60% 1RM (155#)

1k row -- 75 ring rows -- 1k row = 13:20 arms were toasted

Felt fine on squats except for my left knee. Little tendonitis on top of my knee cap. Nothing a little ice massage won't fix.

Blood sugar was 76 at 2 PM and 95 at 9:30 after dinner and HWC decaf


breakfast: acv in water // coffee + 2 tbsp MCT oil

lunch: 2 tbsp coconut oil

dinner: 4.1 oz chuck eye steak, 5 eggs cooked in 1 tbsp butter, bouillon + 150g broccoli cuts + 50g mushrooms + 1 tbsp MCT oil, 1 can sardines, 2 tbsp sour cream

snack: decaf with 1/4c HWC

1,902 calories -- 161g fat // 16g carbs // 106g protein (about 75% fat)