SFM -- Day 7

Ketones were 2.3 mmol/L this morning -- good. Blood sugar was 90 which is still a little high.

It's crazy to me that I can eat that much cheese at one sitting and it positively effects my ketones. Like it's too good to be true or something.

Blood sugar was 62 at 4:40 PM -- guess my infection is completely gone now. Took 6 days.

2 hours after dinner at 8:20 my glucose was 92 (see dinner below).


Dead lift: 255x5, 285x3, 325x1 -- felt good...strong.


15 inch worms with pullups

15 front squat with 95#

Did 3 full rounds then 5 inch worms

Worked on kipping HSPU and pistols afterward. Grant Coomes of CrossFit Boom is a great coach. I've been struggling with kipping HSPU for a while and he got me doing them easily in about 3 minutes. Pistols on right leg are coming much easier too.


breakfast: acv in water // coffee with 1 tbsp mct oil

snack: 1 tbsp coconut oil // 1.6 oz raw cheddar // 1 tbsp HWC in iced coffee (stopped at Whole Foods in  Arlington and got cheese for dinner and had a little snack -- I asked for HWC, she said they didn't have any but have Half-n-Half...I said "no" probably a little too quickly and loudly -- I put HWC in the coffee when I got back to my car)

dinner: 5.3 oz of chuck eye steak cooked in 1tbsp butter, poured the butter and fat into 3c of water and veggie bouillon with 150g frozen broccoli cuts, 6.4 oz raw cheddar cheese

Snack: decaf with 1/4c HWC

1,861 calories -- 155g fat // 7g carbs // 104g protein

75% fat, 2% carbs, 23% protein