SFM -- Day 6

SFM = sustained fat-mobilization

Got lots of good sleep last night. Ketones were 2.2 mmol/L which is the highest they've been since 4/19. Blood sugar was 98 which is really high considering I had two readings in the 60s yesterday. Side note: Vinnie Tortorich and Anna Vocino are guest hosting the Livin' La Vida Low Carb podcast and they are going to read about my 10-day ketosis experiment -- pretty cool.

My mouth is hurting especially this morning (more than yesterday afternoon and night) so maybe elevated glucose is an inflammation thing? But that goes against my theory of "high blood sugar = low ketones".

If my ketone dip had nothing to do with the canker sore in my mouth (which I think it did) then that means it took me 5 days to "recover" from a weekend of variation (2 drinks of whiskey and a day where I ate at different times during the day than I have been).

This weekend I'm going to not have any alcohol and just eat at night -- and we'll see what happens. I'd like to keep those ketones above 2.0 for as long as possible. And I'll tell you that a 2+ ketone reading is better to me right now than any cake or sugary treat or bread.

I accidentally opened a ketone strip at 2:45 PM so I checked them. First time I've ever checked in the middle of the day. They were 3.5 mmol/L which is a high number. My blood sugar was 75 ml/dL at the same time. I ran for an hour this morning, too. Listened to the Fit, Fat, Fast podcast.

At 9 PM my blood sugar was 83...

Zone 2 Run

Ran for an hour in Tyler. HR averaged 151. From my hotel, ran to the to of Rose Hill...not sure how far.


breakfast: coffee with MCT oil // ACV in water

Dinner: 5 oz london broil steak, 6.5oz raw cheddar, veg bouillon, 9.8 oz asparagus/squash mix (grilled) -- after eating 5 oz of steak and 6.5 oz of raw cheese, you do not feel like you want to keep eating. That is PLENTY and completely filling. I love not having the feeling "hmmmm....what else could I go eat?"

Snack: 2 tbsp coconut oil, 5 tbsp heavy whipping cream in decaf

1,644 calories -- 140g fat // 15g carbs // 85g protein

One thing I learned was that 105g (ish) of protein doesn't lower my ketones -- in other words, that isn't too much protein for me.