Sustained Fat-Mobilization -- Day 5

Ketones up to 1.6 mmol/L this morning. Good. Blood sugar still high (86) but my lymph nodes are still swollen.


strength: 3x2 hang squat clean (135, 145, 155)

3x1 squat clean - 155#   did fairly easily

EMOTM for 10'

3 clean and jerk with 135# (last minute do as many as possible)

did 6 on the 10th minute -- toasted. Really concentrating on form.

Had nothing but water and ACV prior.

Had coffee and MCT oil afterward and nothing until 2 heaping tbsps of coconut oil around 3 good. Right before run my blood sugar was FINALLY back to normal level -- 61.

Interval Run

10' warmup

400m TT in 1:23, 2' rest

200m sprints with 90" rest until form/pace deteriorate

I did 14 and pace finally slipped over 40" on the last one. My goal was to get 12 under 40" then see what happened. I lasted two more. Did on Tyler Lee HS track. Great weather. Ran in new k-swiss Ironman tri shoes. Not my favorite but not too bad considering how cheap I got them.

Blood sugar was in the 60s 2.5 hours after I started eating dinner....maybe this stupid infection is finally gone.


breakfast -- coffee/MCT oil // acv in water

snack -- 2 tbsp coconut oil

dinner -- 5.4oz filet, 6 oz raw Swiss Cheese, 8 oz steamed broccoli, veggie bouillon

snack -- coffee with 6 tbsp heavy whipping cream, 1 tbsp coconut oil

1,897 calories -- 162g fat // 15g carb // 105g protein