Sustained Fat-Mobilization -- Day 4

1.2 mmol/L ketones this morning...better. Well within range. 87 glucose -- still high but my lymph node is still swollen and mouth is sore...I can't wait to see if my blood sugars go back to normal when this thing is gone.

Wasn't even going to check blood sugar today (as long as mouth is infected) but went ahead and checked at 11:30 (92 -- high). Ketones were 0.7 at 10:15 PM. The only other time I've done ketones at night they were a little low...not worried about the night reading based on what I ate today. Blood sugar was 98 at the same time...

Interval Bike

10' warmup

1k in ____, 3' rest

12x .25mile with 2' rest -- did them all in about 30 seconds, tried to keep watts in the 300s

45' total (distance ____)


max effort pull up (did 100# weighted pull)

50 box jumps 24"

40 pullups

30 pushups

20 glute ham developer situps

10 burpees


Been doing nothing but strict pullups for several weeks...did 30 unbroken on my set of 40...happy about that -- strength and weight loss is probably the reason for that.

Drove for abou 5 hours this afternoon...


breakfast -- coffee with (2 tbsp) MCT oil and cinnamon

dinner -- 6.3 ounces salmon, 8 oz grilled asparagus (cooked in olive oil), 6.3 oz raw cheddar cheese [that's a lot of asparagus]

snack -- decaf with 1/4c HWC

1,635 calories -- 142g fat // 9g carbs // 89g protein