The "Finisher52" Nutrition Lifestlye

I'm currently "coaching" a couple of extremely insulin resistant people (very similar to me) -- and this is what I've shared with them. This is NOT for everyone -- just for people who are susceptible to insulin spikes...this is pretty much what I'm doing and the way I'm achieving my optimum leanness for overall health and performance.


get a good food scale for the beginning of the lifestyle change (ie first full month), you eventually will use it less and less once you can eyeball stuff but it's a good weapon

Shopping List

extra virgin coconut oil* 

MCT oil

unsalted, organic butter* (Kerrygold if you can find it)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil* this brand is my favorite

heavy whipping cream*

free range eggs*

veggie or beef bouillon cubes (not the low sodium)

variety of grass-fed or wild caught meat sources (fat cuts -- not lean or “skinless”)

  • beef

  • tuna steak

  • salmon

  • sardines

  • herring

  • pork

  • chicken

Green veggies*

  • broccoli

  • asparagus

  • spinach

  • romaine

  • mustard greens

  • collard greens

  • kale

  • cucumbers

Low glycemic veggies

  • mushrooms

  • squash

Low glycemic fruits

  • berries (all kinds)*

  • tomatoes

Raw, Unsalted Nuts

  • walnuts

  • macadamia

  • almonds

  • filberts


*denotes that organic is important

Daily Rules

Completely Eliminate:

sugars (any form or anything ending in “ose” [dextrose, maltose, fructose] except what is naturally in tomatoes, berries, etc...)

grains (wheat, bread, corn, soy, rye, barley, oats, etc...)

artificial sweeteners, half and half, aspartame, etc...

polyunsaturated fats (vegetable oils [corn, soy, cottonseed], hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, margarine)

part-skim milk, cheese, or yogurt (full fat, organic of these are OK)

the more insulin resistant you are, the more strict you have to be -- for example, I stay away from all fruit (even berries) for the majority of the time b/c I know I feel better when I do...but it's all individual specific.


take ideal weight and divide it by 2, that’s roughly your ideal protein intake

take that number and divide by 7 (or just divide your ideal weight by 14), that’s how many blocks of protein you should aim for per day -- give or take a few grams

1 block of protein = 1 oz meat or cheese, 1 egg, 2 oz nuts
So my ideal weight is 175, divided by 2 is 88, divided by 7 is 12.5 so I shoot for 12 blocks. That's easier than having to calculate calories for every little thing you eat

Example: 3 eggs for breakfast, 4 ounce steak at lunch, 5 oz tuna steak at dinner (I would do all that at dinner since I do the Warrior Diet -- which makes an incredibly satisfying dinner...a feast if you will)

limit nuts to no more than 2 oz, 3-4 days per week (if any at all -- I've figured out that I just have to stay away from nuts for the most part)


no more than 25g per day -- initially exclusively green veggies (no fruits), cooked or raw

amounts of veggies equaling 25g of carbs:

13 oz of broccoli (almost a pound of broccoli)

9 oz kale

22 oz asparagus (almost 1.5 pounds of asparagus)

24 oz spinach

26 oz romaine

40 oz cucumbers w/o peel (2.5 POUNDS!!)

26 oz mushrooms

25 oz zucchini

so there should be no shortage of veggies on this life-style


eat fats from top of shopping list until sated/full

cook with butter, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil

put heavy cream in coffee or black tea

palm oil and high oleic safflower oil are OK if you see them on a label

go crazy


full fat, plain yogurt is OK as long as it doesn’t bump carbs over 25g

eat whole foods

don’t eat anything with more than 5 ingredients

majority of foods should come from refrigerator or freezer not a box

eat food that spoils

I've tried to get away from the "cheat" or "treat" day mentality. For me personally -- I look at it like a recovering alcoholic having one day a week to binge drink...that wouldn't work. I've come to be satisfied every day of the week with yummy, delicious fats I'm eating so I don't feel like I have to treat myself to ice cream or candy or cake. I do better without it. And it doesn't take me 4 days to get my body back on track...

So a typical day will have anywhere from 150-200g of protein, 10-15g carbs, 70-85g protein