Sustained Fat-Mobilization -- Day 3

Frustrating -- ketones were 0.8 mmol/L this morning and blood sugar was 91...2nd highest morning reading I've had.

So my questions are -- was it the huge amount of protein I ate yesterday (especially the majority of it at one sitting), the times I ate yesterday which have been so different than the last several weeks, the amount of calories (although not a ton it was much more than I've had), the butter (I've had more butter the last three days than I've had for a few weeks), or the hazelnuts?

My guess is the protein (ie gluconeogenesis). Still technically in ketosis but a lower number than I'm comfortable with. Interesting to see blood sugar and ketones inversely related which is what I would have thought.

All this with no dark chocolate or large amount of macadamia nuts or fruit or almond butter -- which is disappointing but that's what I have to deal with...

Priority #1 is getting blood sugar down and ketones back in the high 2 range...99 glucose at 11 AM.


AH-HA....did some thinking/research since the last sentence and discovered that the canker sore in my mouth is likely causing my blood sugar to be high. Apparently glucose is being pumped into my blood stream to help my immune system fight the infection. Just a stupid canker sore from me chewing on the inside of my mouth -- something I've done since I was little. Glad I FINALLY have a reason to stop doing that other than Jenn slapping my hand away from my mouth when I'm really digging in there. 99 glucose at 8:30 PM -- HAS to be this infection in my mouth...


Max effort shoulder press: 150 (failed on 155#)

5' max reps HSPU (27)

2' max rep strict pull ups (20)

1' max rep air squat (33)

The first minute of HSPU I tried to kip and it didn't go well...I finally just did them strict and worked on kipping with some success after ward. I also did some pistol squats after the WOD, too...

Total time - about 40 minutes


breakfast: coffee with MCT oil

dinner: 6 oz steamed salmon, 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil, veggie bouillon with 150g broccoli cuts and MCT oil, 3.3 oz of hamburger patty from AbiHaus (went there for lunch and got hamburger to go -- I just feel better when I keep my stomach empty during the day).

snack: decaf with 1/4c heavy whipping cream

1,465 calories -- 79g protein // 125g fat // 8g carbs