Sustained Fat-Mobilization -- Day 2

1.8 mmol/L ketones this morning...good. Close to 2 which I'll take. Proves to me that a little increase in calories from the 10 day experiment doesn't effect ketones in a negative way. Blood sugar was 79.

Had some beef fajitas for lunch. No chips or tortillas. Split an order for 1. Right before lunch my blood sugar was 81.

I did some home demolition for a friend all afternoon then was going to be busy from 5-9 so I went ahead and ate my dinner at 4:30 (see below). 92g of protein, 1,350 blood sugar at 6 PM was 104 (way high) blood sugar 3 hours later was 103....very weird.

My theory is that the sheer amount of protein at one time is the reason it stayed high for the rest of the day. new nemesis it appears.

Didn't have anything the rest of the night except for the heavy whipping cream and coffee. Wasn't hungry but was very very tired and fell asleep during our show.


breakfast: thunder coffee // ACV in water

lunch: beef fajitas, grilled onions and peppers, pico de gallo, guacamole, salsa

dinner: 4 eggs cooked in 1 T butter, 6 oz raw Swiss cheese, 1/4 c grated Parmesan cheese, homemade salsa, 20 hazelnuts

snack: decaf with 1/4c heavy whipping cream

2,500 calories, 220 fat, 120 protein, 20 carbs