Week 11 - 12 Week Half IM training


20' zone 2 run

Did on treadmill, nasal breathing throughout. Started at 10 min/mile pace then worked up to 8:34 pace. Keeping breath rate at 12 per minute.

2.2 miles


Long Swim

2200 (WU 400 6x50 on 15", MS 12x100 15" rest, CD 300 easy)

44 minutes -- all 100s in the 1:40 range -- did at ywca in lubbock

CF WOD - Hub City

5 minutes, every 2 minutes, 2 reps of 3 position squat clean -- 115# -- basically 30 cleans just starting from different positions

then death by power clean with 155# for 10 round -- 1 rep first minute, 2 reps second minute, etc... Got all 45 in time. Happy with that. Feel strong.

then 3x 1' burpees, 1' sdhp with 75# - did 103 reps total. 30' total


CF WOD - Hub City

hip mobility

then...10x tabata sets of 50# KBS (got 100 total)

10x tabata sets of K2E (did 10 the first 3, then 6 for the rest -- really hurt my shoulder on these)

10x tabata box jumps 24" (did 71 total) 30' total

Interval Run

5' + 3 laps and a few yards 168 HR
6' = 3.5 laps and a few yards 167 HR
7' = 4 laps and a few yards 168 did at Lubbock high track

Distance 3.5 miles. Time - 35'


Interval Swim

scared about this one because my shoulder was hurting so bad

 2150 (WU 300, MS 3x 50,100,200,100,50 15" rest 5x50 swim/kick on 15", CD 100)

Shoulder felt fine towards middle and end...really starting to be an issue. Hope I can fix it with massage, ice and stretching.

Interval Bike

5 on, 2:30 off, 6 on, 3 off, 7 on

Did on trainer without power. HR averaged were 156, 158 and 160 - estimated distance = 10 miles. Time 35'


45' zone 2 run

about 5 miles...did in Georgetown to end of Cedar Hollow and back. Nasal breathing - 7 steps in, 6 steps out. HR average 152


Long Brick

9K run (5.5 miles)

36 mile bike (2:07:27 -- 173 watts -- 17.09 mph)

9k Run with each 3k a little faster

Started around 12:30 when it was about 75 degrees and humid. I marked out .93 miles which is 1.5K -- so I would go there and back three times for the first 9K and do it again after the ride.

Did nasal breathing the first run which took me 53:50 (HR 150) which is slow. Drove my bike out to Ronald Reagan (don't like riding on Hwy 29 -- too much traffic) and took off for a couple of hours. Took me 8:48 to transition and drive. Ended up going 36 miles which felt like 86 because of the heat...ran out of water by end of bike. My father in law brought me a pitcher of water and had it waiting by mailbox when I got back for my final 9K. HR averaged 146 on the bike. Pretty windy and LOTS of hills down here (Georgetown). Second transition took 10:19 because of the driving.

Final 9K took 46:43: 1st 3k = 15:56 (159), 2nd 3k = 15:43 (165), 3rd 3k = 14:54 (170). I let her rip on this final run to see what I had left in me. Surprised myself.

Nutrition breakdown: had avocado with oil and salt and some almonds before. During the session I took salt stick pill at 1 hour, 2 hour, and 3 hour marks. Started drinking UCAN and MCT oil/water at 1:30 mark and drank about every 10 minutes. 4 almonds at 2.5 hours and when I got off bike at around 3:15. Jolly rancher at tail end of bike (around 3 hours). On final run I had water, little bit of UCAN, 4 almonds, and a jolly rancher. About 300 calories total in the 4 hour sessions.

Total workout time was 4:06:47 and HR averaged 148. Happy with how I ended the run -- despite high HR I felt like I could've kept pushing it.

Sunday - rest


can't remember specific days and meals but here's a few examples -- and I started a "no nuts" experiment starting Wednesday , too, only nuts I had after Tuesday were during session on Saturday and on Sunday:

Dinner - smoked ham, cooked kale, raw cheese; round steak, asparagus, broccoli with mustard

Snacks - broccoli or celery with mustard, raw cheese

Lots of coffee with MCT and coconut oil